We are working hard to improve our communications with members. The goal is to get you information about things that interest YOU.

Things may have changed since last year.

It is really simple –

Go to – https://reclamthebay.org/updates-blog/members-dashboard/

Scroll down to  – RCTB Blog.

To the right you will see the JOIN OUR NEW MAIL LIST

Just fill in Name and Email

You do not have to enter your interests here (That is for newbies).  Scroll to the bottom and hit SUBMT

Then check your email

When you get a link. Click – When you update. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT FIELDS – Last Donation, Member Type, Member Level, 2019 Volunteer Hours, Position. Those are Admin. Fields we manage them.

Review all the things you checked off before and add or delete. Just check off the things that interest you.

Rick Bushnell