We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Our mission is to involve and educate the public about the estuary’s water quality and the importance of shellfish. We believe that by involving the public in the care, feeding, and life cycles of the shellfish they will better understand what an integral role shellfish have in our lives.

2020 Annual Report FINAL

2020 Annual Report highlights TEXT ONLY

ReClam the Bay Bylaws

2019 ReClam the Bay – Tax Exempt 990


 Officers and Board Members

Rick Bushnell, President (term ends 12/2023)

Lou Fellner, Vice President (term ends 12/2022)

Cheryl McCurry, Secretary (term ends 12/2023)

Joe Manz, Treasurer (term ends 12/2022)

Bill Walsh (term ends 12/2022)

Al Fasano (term ends 12/2022)

Teresa Simon (term ends 12/2022)

Joe Guastella (term ends 12/2022)

Jack Duggan (term ends 12/2023)

Wes Dalzell (term ends 12/2023)

Deb Licato-Meiman (term ends 12/2023)

Frank Vives (term ends 2021)

68 Main St.

Waretown, NJ 08758

(732) 325-2663

We earned a 2021 Silver
Seal of Transparency!

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