RCTB encourages volunteer, colleague, and sustaining members, at any level of engagement, to support our mission.

RCTB is a volunteer based organization and volunteers are the backbone. Certified Shellfish Gardeners are the leaders who participate in everything from administrative functions, serving as upweller captains, construction, education and project management. They are assisted by other volunteers who devote at least 20 hours of service each year. There are about 70 volunteers, supporting our educators, participating in fairs and festivals, and handling the many little things that come up while raising about 1 million shellfish, and reaching over 10,000 people each year. RCTB also relies on about 50 colleagues who are children and adults, just helping out. These people are all supported financially by sustaining members who provide donations and other financial support. Approximately 400 individuals and businesses contributed to RCTB activities in 2018 through direct financial support and volunteer efforts.

RCTB is looking for…


Marketing and PR specialists

Science Interns

Caring volunteers


Administrative workers