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The MyCoast: New Jersey. Help Document our Changing Coast rlbi1

The MyCoast: New Jersey portal is used to collect and analyze photos of coastal events and places. Photos are linked to data about weather and tides to create reports that help stakeholders like government agencies, business owners, and residents to understand coastal...

5 Prepare yourself for flooding – 7 Min. rlbi1

Session 5 in a 5 Part series. In addition to looking out for your home and community, there are things to do to keep yourself safe in the time of flooding. Here are some simple yet important things to do.

4 Prepare you home for flooding – 8 Min. – rlbi1

Session 4 in a 5 part series. Living this close to nature, we need to understand what can happen and how to prepare our home to stand up to the elements. And realize that what we do, or don’t do, impacts our neighbors and our community.

Resilient LBI rlbi1

This is a “mooring” for the Resilient Long Beach Island (LBI) project, its research and findings, its outreach and recommendations.

Resilient NJ – Climate Resilience Design and Engineering rlbi2

The Bureau of Climate Resilience Design and Engineering (BCRDE), within the Climate and Flood Resilience Program, provides design, engineering, and construction support to New Jersey’s communities to improve climate resilience. This explains where RNJ fits into the...

BOEM Overview Meeting March 30, 2021 – Wind Energy

On March 30, 2021, BOEM published a Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Ocean Wind, LLC's Proposed Wind Energy Facility Offshore New Jersey. BOEM’s scoping process is intended to identify what should be considered in the Ocean Wind...

New Jersey Back Bays Coastal Storm Risk Management Study Draft Feasibility Study and Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement (August 2021) ***note: report and appendices were modified on 23 AUG to adjust pagination, metadata, and formatting***rlbi3

The report outlines a ‘Tentatively Selected Plan’ framework, which includes three storm surge barriers, two cross-bay barriers, and the elevation of more than 18,000 structures to reduce the risk of flood damages associated with storm surge. It’s important to note...

Surf City Taxpayer Association

Our Mission: Established in 1986, the Surf City Taxpayer Association (SCTA) is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer group of individuals dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all residents, visitors, and taxpayers of Surf City, through the following: •...

Holgate Taxpayers Association

The HTA was founded in July of 1959 by a group of interested and concerned residents. The original name of the organization was the Beach Haven Inlet Taxpayer’s Association. The HTA provides a means of communication and information for property owners while monitoring...

Foundation Talk on Wind Farms Boosts Economic Benefits 42421

Foundation Talk on Wind Farms Boosts Economic Benefits May 10, 2021 An hour-long online “Wind Power Talk” hosted by the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences on April 24 and moderated by Science Committee Chair Rick Bushnell was too short to answer all...

Coyotes in New Jersey: History, Ecology, and Management 060521

History of Coyotes in New Jersey, Eastern Coyote Ecology and Behavior, Eastern Coyote Ecology and Behavior, Human-Coyote Coexistence, Management Strategies, References - ByKathleen Kerwin, Program Associate, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources Kaci...

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