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Sea Grant Hard Clam Selective Breeding Collaborative, MK

One of our members sent an article about other species of clams - New Aquaculture Species. That led to this follow up article about hard clams in NJ. as well as a suite of other projects related to oysters, sea scallops, and bay scallops. These species are native to...

A New Aquaculture Species MK

Although this species in no longer new, the article does describe a very interesing commercial species. The sunray venus clam Macrocallista nimbosa is a large, attractive clam distributed from South Carolina to Florida and the Gulf of Mexico states. During the...

ReClam The Bay, EE1

Education and "hands-on" learning. We grow and maintain millions of baby clams and oysters in the Barnegat Bay Watershed which includes Barnegat Bay, Manahawkin Bay and Little Egg Harbor bay. We want people to understand the services that shellfish provide.

Alliance for a living Ocean, EE1

At Alliance for a Living Ocean – We champion every step towards living a life with less plastic. From hosting beach clean ups to educating on the harmful effects of plastic pollution in our oceans, our mission is to safeguard our shores for future generations

Oyster rebound undercut by returning diseases, weak market

Check out this article about the Maryland Department of Natural Resources annual fall oyster survey: - Oysters have been enjoying a run of good news lately, suggesting that the Chesapeake Bay’s keystone species is on the rebound after decades of decline and...

Barnegat Bay Oyster Restoration: Providing water quality and habitat improvements in Barnegat Bay Christine M. Thompson, Anna S. Pfeiffer-Herbert and Steve Evert School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Stockton University, Galloway NJ 08205 Stockton University Marine Field Station, Port Republic, NJ – MK

This report was produced in December 2021 dealing with the Tuckerton Reef. This study represents the first attempt at quantifying ecosystem services for a restoration site in Barnegat Bay. The Tuckerton Reef was created in 2016 as a research site to pilot the...

Living Shorelines – by Joe Guastella – 032622

This presentation was part of the LBI foundations Science Saturday program. It was presented in March of 2022 - This session will tell you about projects that are underway, what we are learning and how much still needs to be done.

NJ Commercial Shellfish Aquaculture

This website is the result of a multi-agency effort to provide both new and existing shellfish growers with resources on a variety of topics related to commercial shellfish aquaculture in New Jersey all in one place. This includes, but is not limited to: leasing,...

The State of High Tide Flooding and 2022 Outlook – High Water1

High-tide flooding, often referred to as “king tides,” “nuisance,” or “sunny day” flooding, is becoming increasingly common due to years of sea level rise. High Tide Flooding (HTF) is defined as the overflow or excess accumulation of ocean water at high tide that...