Hi all,

We are looking for people to help out and/or observe. – Check calendar for details

Reply to:Chris West: topherwest@comcast.net

Jan. 7  Rick will be there
Jan 8 -Chris and Frank will be there,  they already did one class this is to leave the oysters.
Jan. 9 Frank will be there time is pending.
Please reply all if you can make it.
Frog Pond School Little Egg Harbor
Contact Lorie Sailer LSailer@lehsd.org 609-296-1719
2 classes – 21 students each
Scheduled Jan. 7, 2020 11:30 AM arrival for 12:05PM class; Done 2:05PM
Washington Street Elem. School (TR Sch. Dist.)
Contact Jennifer Miraglia
3 – 5th grade classes (25 each)
Dates Dec. 2, 2019 DONE FIRST SESSION
2nd Session; Date Jan.8, 2020 – 1 Class at 1:15PM to leave shellfish
Frederic A. Priff Elem. School
Contact Jenna Risden risden@otsdk6.orgphone 609-802-6735
6th grade
Date: Jan. 9, 2020 at (time pending)
Presenters: Frank,
Rick Bushnell