We will be meeting this Tuesday, 8/13/19, at 10:00AM to perform our normal weekly maintenance.  Also we will be receiving 2.5 million oyster larvae for the spat tank on 8/19/19 or 8/20/19 so we need to make the spat tank operational to receive 100 bags of oyster shells before the end of the week.

The mesh bags with oyster shells should be ready on 8/14/19 at the office work party and I would like to see them transferred to Cattus on that day.  Volunteers to accomplish this task are needed.  Loose shells will also be placed in the bottom of the spat tank to prevent larvae from settling on the side of the tank so buckets to transport the loose shells will also be needed.

We need to have the shells in the spat tank and water flowing by the Thursday or Friday of this week.  On Sunday of next week the spat tank flow will be stopped and the water in the tank will be stagnant building bacteria on the shells waiting for the arrival of the larvae.  I’m told this is supposed to be good for the growth of the larvae.

Volunteers to accomplish these targets are needed and greatly appreciated.  This is also an excellent opportunity to observe the spat shell process is action.  I will post a more detailed schedule or changes as required.

Erich Meyer