Welcome to ReClam the Bay

ReClam the Bay is a local, non-profit environmental organization that promotes environmental involvement and education in a constructive and helpful way. Together we grow and maintain millions of baby clams and oysters in the Barnegat Bay Watershed which includes Barnegat Bay, Manahawkin Bay and Little Egg Harbor bay.

reclam collageAs we grow seed clams and oysters to stock our local bay we teach everyone how important and fragile the shellfish population and  our environment really is. We are open to everyone and all are welcome to come lend a hand. Look at our online calendar for event dates that are convenient for you. See you there :)

Overview of Barnegat Bay Shellfish Restoration Project and ReClam the Bay

What is ReClam the Bay all about? Rick Bushnell, President.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to involve and educate the public about the estuary’s water quality and the importance of shellfish. We believe that by involving the public in the care, feeding, and life cycles of the shellfish they will better understand what an integral role shellfish have in our lives.

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ReClam the Bay uses the hard clam and oyster as living representatives of the bay ecosystem that includes the coastal bay and its watersheds. We educate people about the requirements of shellfish that serve as watchdogs for good water quality. Finally, we explain the impact of people on these natural resources and that people must be stewards of the natural resources that we share.


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