Investing in the watershed

Every $1 raised is magnified 4.5 times and invested in the bay – 

Since our beginning in 2005 RCTB members and supporters have invested over $2,500,000 in our watershed.  In 2023 RCTB volunteers collectively devoted over 9,000 hours of service to the Barnegat Bay Watershed.

Investing $454,000 in 2023

Of the $454,000 invested in 2023, 65% was time devoted by volunteers, 22% from donations and gifts, 13% project and in-kind. The money donated to RCTB along with the time devoted by volunteers is used to: 

Teach people about how to enjoy and care for the bay, 

Grow shellfish so we have healthy creathers to work in the bay 

Deploy shellfish to stabilize shorelines.


Volunteer Hours


Cash Donations + Revenue


Projects and In Kind

How we invested our time

(16% needed for Administration)


Shellfish Production


Education + Outreach


Planting and Shorelines