The Services Shellfish Provide
The services are part of the reason we grow these animals. They serve as great research animals and they help the environment.

It is relatively easy to measure their growth which is a great indicator of the overall health.
They are sessile creatures. This means that they stay in one place for most of their life. This means that you can study a population without having to track them down, like fish which move around a lot.
Clams, oysters and, to a degree, scallops have been a cash crop in this area for many years so there is a cultural connection to these animals.
Catching them and eating them is fun!
They are great indicators of the health of many parts of our environment. If they are healthy and reproducing, certain parts of the environment are improving.
They improve the quality of the water by filtering it.
They can protect and stabilize the shoreline to provide coastal resilience.
They provide habitat for other creatures and are an important part of the food web.
They are a wonderful food source for us and that drives the local economy.