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Thank you for exploring the Clam Trail! Learn how to play below!

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The Clam Trail is a fun “scavenger hunt” to find interesting facts about the bay and the region - win prizes, and earn coupons. Visit Giant painted clams and find the plaque containing Fun Facts - Login and explore places around the clam.

Step 1  - Scan the QR code on the plaque and log in. We will check this routinely and reward explorers with a certificate* and an Explorer Pin*

Step 2 -  Access exclusive coupons supporting nearby businesses. 

Step 3 - Explore the Interactive Clam Trail Map at the bottom of the page to find more clam locations to visit.

*Upon visiting 10 clams a certificate will be sent via email with instructions about where to claim your pin. (Points referred to on the plaque are for a different part of the game)


Step 1: Check-In to this location:

By completing this short form you will confirm that you visited the Clam Trail Location at toms-river-seaport-museum. This will also enter you in our database allowing you to earn cool prizes.


    Step 2:

    Check for Available Coupons nearby:


    Step 3:

    Explore and check into more Clam Trail locations:

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