Other Knowledge
Just as we have explained that every living thing is connected, we also find that so much knowledge is connected.
Coastal environmental issues are complex. Knowledge necessary to identify problems and potential solutions require a number of connections. The more the better. RCTB will participate in an ever expanding body of knowledge so that the public has a consistent resource to draw on and common general education structure to pursue knowledge on a wide variety of topics.

To help facilitate making the connections, RCTB was instrumental in developing the Barnegat Bay Shellfish Forum which brought together a variety of constituencies to encourage connections and collaboration among groups that live, work and play in and around our bays. Over 100 attendees listened to and participated with local experts, researchers, academics, regulators, baymen and shellfish company owners. This forum explored tactical and strategic actions, hurdles to overcome, and research opportunities. It opened pathways to leverage the many benefits a healthy shellfish population provides.