Everything is Connected
Shellfish are a very important part of the food web and since they live in the water in the estuary the includes Barnegat Bay, Manahawkin Bay and Little Egg Harbor Bay are connected to everything else on our planet by water.
As demonstrated in our teaching and learning sessions the water coming into the estuary connects us through rivers and streams to the upland where people live, work and play. We help people to understand healthy shellfish need clean water. We explain that they can help when they are home because the can reduce the bad things that get in to the waterways that are connected to our estuary. We also explain the air that blows in to our estuary cares pollutants that fall on our land, houses and roads from the sky and when it rains all those bad things can wash in to the estuary. The fact that everything is connected is important to understand if a person is to become a good steward.

Those facts generate more question that we cover during RCTB educational sessions:

  • How do they feed so we can understand why oyster filter more water that do clams.
  • What is the life cycle? How they reproduce?
  • How are grown commercially
  • What are the different roles that play in the environment?