Educational Venues
RCTB volunteers provide the education and leadership to care for the shellfish and carry knowledge to the public. Fun, hands-on education is our great strength.
RCTB Volunteers can be found at the shellfish nurseries called upwellers. Here you will learn about Barnegat Bay and the creatures who live in it. You will be invited to see and touch tiny baby clams and oysters while you talk to the volunteers who are helping to improve the bay.
Summer Activities

TUESDAYS from July – September

Surf City – Shellfish and all they do for us!

9:00 – 9:45 A. M.

Weekly on Tuesdays, July – September

Surf City Bay Beach, 16th and Central Ave, Surf City, NJ



WEDNESDAYS from July – September

Loveladies– LBI FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS AND SCIENCES – Different learning experience each week. Including  – Shellfish and all they do for us!

Thursdays from July – September

Brant Beach – ReShell the Bay. Decorate shells that will become part of the oyster reef – For the younger set who enjoy decorating shells!

10:00 – 10:45am


FRIDAYS from July – September