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Clams – The little citizens of the bay who help to improve it!

Each year, ReClam The Bay purchases and raises approximately 500,000 baby clams in upwellers. – baby shellfish nurseries in Ocean County. Each nursery grows shellfish in a “Silo” (a bucket with a mesh bottom) allowing the water to pass pass over the shellfish, providing them food and oxygen. In June babies are the size of a pencil dot. By the Fall, they will have grown to the size of an M&M candy. You can find upweller locations below.

Your clam family will all bear your family name! 500 clams for $20. Help a small family of clams all, living in a silo at a ReClam the Bay upweller to grow an d ultimately get released into the bay. Your name will be listed at the location of your choice.

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