Hello All,

While we are on pause with our early Crew activities this year some things have been moving forward in preparation for better days.   This message will update the status of ongoing preparations for our 2020 season.

Since the AIC announced that it was shutting down all spawning activity we have been contacting other facilities to determine potential to obtain oyster larvae in late Spring and early Summer.   Acquiring larvae from other sources is certainly a possibility.

Theo, our RCTB member who operates an oyster lease in Little Egg Harbor Bay is working with us to attempt to acquire larvae from some of his seed suppliers.   Alternatively, we may be able to do some things in his lease area.

Dominic and Joe G. have have fitted the BH spat tank, installed the pump, and are experimenting with a new aeration system for the tank.

A new tank has been installed at the Holiday Harbor site in Waretown to assist with spat production for our Iowa Court and Green Street projects.   A pump for this site has been secured and a heater/control panel is on order.  Larvae/Spat feed for both HH and BH is also on order.

Meanwhile, the overdue DEP Mordecai Island Grant is drawing closer to fruition.   The grant will enable us to purchase shell and related material to expand the living shoreline at Mordecai.

Hopefully, we will have an active Summer.   But for now as we move forward in the current environment everyone should sit tight and follow safety protocols.  Be well!

Rick Bushnell