ReClam Wins Award For Clam Trail

THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN IN 20078- We did it! The Clam Trail was nominated for the Governor’s Tourism Award For Excellence and we won! This is a very prestigious award (Only 10 such awards are given out for the entire state). Rick and Cara went to Atlantic City Thursday to receive it as part of the Governor’s Conference on Tourism. Jon Corzine, himself addressed the group. Nina Mitchell Wells, Secretary of State, (left) and  Marilou Halverson, President, New Jersey Travel Industry Association (right) personally presented the award to Rick.

ReClam the Bay was recognized for creating an educational and fun “ecotourism” activity. All of our members should share in this accomplishment because without volunteers maintaining the upwellers and talking to parents and kids we would not have had anything to promote on the clam trail! We also need to thank the many business along the trail who sell stickers and post the Fun Facts and we should also thank the people who sponsored the “giant clams” since the public art objects are the eye grabbing part of the trail. Details about the 07 clam trail are at!.  The new 2008 trail is being put together now! By the way we need volunteers to help.

Special thanks to one of our volunteers, Kathy Baranowski who worked diligently to get the filing in on time. And in a “concise and understandable form” according to the Division of Travel and Tourism staff.