Summer 2007

More new Giant Clams on the Clam Trail! On the left is John Szeliga, External Affairs Director for Verizon, presenting the check for $3,500 to RCTB members.
Look at the growth! Same dime but the seed on the right was July 12, The seed oysters on the left are after 48 days of growth.
Day on the Bay was a blast! RCTB received many “On air thanks” from WJRZ and RCTB members had a good time too! See you next year!
WJRZ announces the Calm digger of the week each Wednesday between 3:00 and 4:00 and Clam facts during the week. August 26 is Day on the Bay with WJRZ 100.1 FM.
The latest clams on the trail are the Viking Village (Barnegat Light, left) and Comcast (at the Park in Beach Haven) One couple, Patty and Joe on vacation from PA, gathered 143 points!
Gef, Rick, Al, Mike, Tom K. and John put the FLUPSY together on August 3. We thank George, owner of Mordecai Island Marina, for arranging his lift and Bill T. of Beach Haven Borough for towing
Barnegat Light is up and running with 400,000 clams. Debbie, Stan, Pat, Max, Jeff and Frank. Two other members: Cheri and Louise were not in the picture.
Gustavo and Tom counted out the oysters. Look at 10 oysters next to a dime.They loaded 250,000
July is the beginning of the 2007 growing season. The first issue is to set up the upwellers. Ernie, Al and Mike were at the Surf City Yacht Club along with Gef, Tom and Gustavo.
We had to clean the predator nets that protected the 2006 crop. It is amazing the things that you find on the nets when you clean them.
This is the time to activate the upwellers. The work is done by teams of volunteers.

The season Kicked off in Beach Haven with Mayor Tom Stewart, John and Missy Maschal, Gef Flimlin, Rick Bushnell,Kim Smith of Comocast, Frank Panzone, and Stacey Fuessinger, of Just Bead It