Fall 2007

Look how they have grown. Ten seed next to a dime on July 12 (left).
Ten oysters next to a dime on September 26

Al opens the hatch and prepares the silo to lift on the left. Rick and Al hoist the silo out on the right. It weighs about 120 pounds.
Gary, Rick and Al, on the FLUPSY, are supported by volunteers on the dock who tend the lines.(And freely give advice!)
The silos are transported from the FLUPSY to the boat to go across the bay.
Oysters are counted. At this stage there about 100 oyster per liter of volume.
The guys from DEP Div of Fish and Wildlife have selected and marked a spot and we need to locate it.
Once we find the spot we take six passes to dump the silos. One pass for each silo.
The other boat runs a dredge to check the bottom. It all looks good. The work is finished and so we thank Gustavo and the guys from Division of Fish and Wildlife.