Shellfish Stocks

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Christine Thompson

Barnegat Bay oyster reefs; biological and cost benefit analyses for scale up efforts

Oyster restoration projects can return some of these services with varying amounts of start-up investment. Projects can range from large efforts to restore hundreds of acres to pilot-level efforts on the scale of an acre or less. Large projects require evidence for potential success to justify steep monetary investments, while pilot projects are best utilized when there is a desire to document an area’s potential for supporting a larger investment. This project was developed around the latter approach and represents a proof of concept for oyster restoration in Barnegat Bay.

Hard Clams as Indicators of Suspended Particulates in Barnegat Bay – Monica Bricelj, John Krauter, and Gef Flimlin – 2016

Characterization of phytoplankton  – Monica Bricelj – 2016

functional taxonomic groups in relation to juvenile hard clam production in the Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor Estuary (BB-LEH).Lead PI: V. Monica Bricelj, Research Professor, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences (IMCS), Rutgers University (RU),