Educator Support

What the Bay HINGES On

An Activity Guide on the Ecological and Cultural Importance of Shellfish and Their Restoration

What the bay hindges onThe guide, What the bay HINGES on is available for distribution. This guide was designed to educate both youth and the general public about the Barnegat Bay Shellfish Restoration Program and its volunteer corps “ReClam the Bay!”. It aims to connect water quality, shellfish aquaculture, and human needs and actions while providing an example of stewardship. The guide and it’s accompanying CD feature lessons, activities, power point presentations and worksheets on shellfish biology, Barnegat Bay ecology, seafood and nutrition, pollution and water quality, and stewardship.

Barnegat Bay Partnership – Professional educators, both traditional and non-traditional, play an incredibly important role in increasing public awareness and knowledge of environmental issues to a critical audience — our youth. Through environmental education, students of all ages throughout the Barnegat Bay watershed and beyond gain an understanding of how their individual actions affect the environment, learn what they can do to make a positive impact, and become better equipped to spread that message to others. There are numerous resources for educators to take advantage of if interested in teaching their students about the Barnegat Bay estuary and its watershed.