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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract to Weeks Marine to repair and renourish the three sections of the project that were constructed prior to Hurricane Sandy: Harvey Cedars, Surf City and a section of Brant Beach in Long Beach Township. Details

Quick overview of the nitrogen problem in Barnegat Bay – Willie DeCamp Pres. Save Barnegat Bay.

The Press of Atlantic City ran an article that provides an overview of RCTB activities. The article also provides some insight about the relationship between RCTB and the Marine Academy for Technology and Environmental Science (MATES) and an exciting program that brings shellfish into the classroom. The public school outreach brings live oysters into the classroom and links schools by the bay with schools across the state so that kids will have a “hands-on” learning experience underscoring the relationship between the water in rivers and streams that becomes waste (along with whatever is in it) in the bay.  CLICK FOR ARTICLE

Eelgrass is Great, but Shellfish Aquaculture is Better – It’s a bold statement. The article really gives the science behind it. The article does not diminish the importance of eelgrass, in fact it does a good job of explaining it. It does tell that many of the benefits associated with eelgrass can also be derived from shellfish. It further explains that shellfish can even help propagate eelgrass. Written by Dr. Robert B. Rheault, PhD. the article offers many reference and support articles.

Restoration on the halfshell – A little history and an interesting perspective.